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of spiders and driving

FEAR is not a good guide, but you can rule with it and make lots and lots of money. In this gloss you will find out why.

Fear of spiders

Wheather you should be afraid of spiders or not in our area is debatable. I haven't had a single case so far of a deadly spider bite in our area. But: You should be AFRAID of spiders! Because you just overlook easy that spiders are often the cause of serious traffic accidents, often with a fatal outcome.

Primary accident victims are often people suffering from arachnophobia. I myself know four very lovable people from my immediate circle of acquaintances who have suffered from panic attacks at the sight of a spider for years and are prone to hysterical vocalizations. My circle of acquaintances includes about 100 people, which I do not want to list all at this point. Nevertheless, this is statistically about 4% of the humanity I know.

Imagine you belong to this unfortunate group of people and you are driving your car in heavy rush hour traffic. Suddenly you notice a spider in the corner of your eye, which is just abseiling down from the roof of your car. What you are doing? That's right: you start screaming and swerve the wheel to avoid the deadly spider threat.

With unforeseeable consequences for all other road users. While the spider, which is rarely one of the victims of an accident, escapes unnoticed in the chaos that follows, one wonders afterwards what actually has happened. Microsleep? Nervous twitches? Heart attack?

Fear of driving

Unless you've been in an accident yourself from time to time or injured or killed other living beings with your car, you're probably wondering why you should be afraid of driving. You should be AFRAID of it.

Certainly you are aware that the residue left by cars, such as a whole range of toxic liquids, oil, exhaust fumes, etc. causes considerable damage to your fellow human beings and the environment. Of course, driving a car also harms you, because every movement that the car performs for you has a very unfavorable effect on the balance of your energy budget (balance between energy intake and consumption). A look in the mirror will show you what I mean.

Cars are among the biggest climate killers. The effects of driving have already shortened the lives of millions of people and will continue to do so as a result of our collapsing planet. So: Protect yourself and others. Give up the car!

Think about it. Self.

(Stand: 21.01.2022)