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Always fitting bikes:

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How to order a fitting bike

Your order "Fits!"

Bike rental with delivery is super cool, but to make it work, I need:

  • 1. your body size
  • 2. ladies' or men's bike version
  • 3. Coaster brake or freewheel
  • 4. Upright or bent over (sporty) posture

Why? A detailed description can be found under ""56 possibilities per person!".

The fastest way is when we chat personally! Call or text me!

Orders for unknown groups

If you simply know the size of your own body and then judge somehow the sensitivities of your group, you can easily run up. It's like ordering shoes for a group and just knowing your own shoe size. It is always worth asking!

Should you be able to query the participants individually, I will send you an Excel list with various choises (English / German, ladies / gents, all sizes, all bicycle types, all prices). Satisfaction will then be up to 99%!

Unfortunately, that is not always possible. Help could be to know the place of origin of the group (cyclists from alpine mountain regions drive rather derailleur and participants from Myamar are rarely over 195cm) and the age (the "Gray Panther" prefer more women's bikes with upright posture and the German national team rather sporty types).

In summary, information about the small guys (under 5'4 31/32 ft in) and tall guys (over 6' 27/32 ft in) of the group would be very helpful. Basically, I assume for northern Europeans an average of 165-175 cm for the ladies and 170-185 cm for the guys. If I get individual information about the participants who fall out of this mediocrity, I can serve you very well with fitting bikes.

The question of coaster brake or 2 hand brakes sometimes results even from the price.

If you decide to let me down without any information, I will supply women's bikes with coaster brake (City Bikes) in medium size (165-180cm) and bring in precaution larger and smaller bikes. For individual orders or mini groups exact details are obligatory.

Attention! The age of toddlers does not provide a universal value about their actual height; After all, we are all just kids and we are very different in sizes.

Attention! Also, the wheel sizes (26', 28' inches, etc.) give only an inaccurate guide over a suitable bike; the crucial factor is the frame height, which unfortunately is also measured differently; that's why body sizes are so important to me!

56 options per person!

    7 (sizes) x 2 (ladies / gents) x 2 (hubs / derailleur) x 2 (upright / bent over posture) = 56 possibilities!

    1. Height: How tall are you (the drivers)?

    (Female) Drivers around or smaller than 165 cm and (male) riders around or larger than 185 cm will get corresponding frame sizes! Please indicate this individually! The wheel sizes 26' or 28' are irrelevant, because I have all sizes in the assortment for both!

    7 sizes: very, very small (XXS smaller than 135 cm), very small (XS = 135-150cm), small (S = 150-165cm), medium (M = 165-175cm), large (L = 175-185cm ), very large (XL = 185-195cm) and very, very large (XXL = over 195cm);

    That is too complicated! Just enter the body sizes!

    2.: ladies or men's bike? How many men's bicycles are desired?

    Even men like to ride (possibly due to age) women's bikes and women (possibly habitual) men's bikes!

    3.: bicycle type; Braking and switching systems; : do you drive with coaster brake or freewheel?

    10% of cyclists find it difficult to switch from footbrake to handbrake or vice versa and is even dangerous!

    With coaster brake you get hub gears (7-8 gears) with 1 foot brake and 1 handbrake (Citybikes) Without coaster brake you get chain gears (7-27 gear) with 2 hand brakes (trekking / mountain bikes and racing bikes) prices.

    4.: Posture while driving?

    City bikes: all with upright posture. Trekking bikes: optional upright and bent over posture. Mountain bikes / road bikes: all with bent over seat posture.