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Kinderräder, Übersicht

Children's bike rental, selection and overview

And for adults under 60'inch too! Bicycles until 24'inch wheels.

By clicking on the thumbnails you can enlarge the pictures. Sorry, these pages are not translated into english. Please use the back button to return to this page. The bikes are sorted by ascending body sizes!

For children over 60 inch up to and including 15 years, bicycles of the categories SN and SK are also possible. For "small" adults (under 60'inch and over 16 years) I charge the same rates as for the "big ones"; even if wheels are rented below 26'inch wheels. Helmets for children are for free.

Unless otherwise stated, all children's bikes have puncture-proof tires, halogen lights and hub dynamos!

 Please pay attention to the selection of frame heights, the wheels are sorted by ascending body sizes!