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Stadtführung: Sightseeing per Kanu in Hamburg

Guided city tours by canoe in Hamburg

Probably the most unusual outdoor city tour of Hamburg ...

"The Hamburg Cruise by canoe" does not only lead you along the most beautiful shores of the city; you are visiting sights of Hamburg, which can only be discovered from the water side!

Canoeing over quiet canals you pass city villas and gardens as well as impressive bridges and beautiful shores!

That is different:

  • You drive the optimal way and get an idea of Hamburg's history!

  • You'll discover what the famous* pirate Störtebeker has to do with the Elbphilharmonie!

  • You hear the story of the devastating fire of 1842, when a third of the city burned!

  • You see some surprising views of the city and are made aware of curious little things!

  • Documents, pictures, documents; On the way, I'll give you some insights into my exciting secret archive!

  • And then, in a beautiful place, we take a little break to get away**!

  • If you like, try your hand at the Hamburg Quiz I've prepared for you!

* in Northern Germany

**In cool weather there is coffee / tea and a delicious piece of "Störtebäcker" cake and if it is really hot again, for each a cold drink and a bag of chips per boat

The sequence:

The city tour "Hamburg Cruise by canoe" you can book on all days, but only for existing groups up to max. 40 people. The enjoyment of the tour lasts 4-5 hours and is 5 km long. Gathering tours to which you can join you individually are (unfortunately) not planned. So you stay with you.

Common meeting point is a jetty on the Alster lake, which can be reached by public transport.

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