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by stainless steel bikes!

Sustainable bicycles made of stainless steel!

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How it started...

Let's face it: I have a weakness for stainless steel bikes!

Maybe because they do not loose any paint when used; after all, they are not painted with colour. One time dust off and 'pling' and they look like new again!

Perhaps also because I accompany these bicycles as a second if not third, 'owner generation'. They are simply indestructible!

Or perhaps because these bicycles belong to the last generation of bicycles that welcomed the beginnings of the fast-paced computer age in the 1980s and at the same time said farewell at the same time to the good old workmanship.

And at that time cost one 600,- Mark! And the newspaper delivery brought only 15,- Mark in the week. Already that was far from enough to cover the enormous demand for Coke and Carrera* racing cars. And that's why such a Original Nirosta* bike of the german bicycle factory "Kynast*" for me, little Petersen, well, was unaffordable.

Sustainable bicycles made in Germany:

Fahrradklingel mit dem Hamburger WasserträgerAnd nowadays they are simply thrown away or left on the side of the road! So driven to tears I spared no expense and effort and collected more than fifty copies from every corner of the German Republic. After that I disassembled them completely and carefully into their components . Enriched with the best components that were produced in the last 100 years, I forged them into highest quality ever!

Let's not fool ourselves , only the frames, rims, mudguards and luggage racks (all made of chrome nickel steel) remained; even the forks I had to sacrifice to recycling, because I've installed V-Brakes for your safety, which requires the appropriate brake sockets. Circuit, tires and lighting system have been replaced by extremely durable current products.

Fahrradklingel mit dem Hamburger Wasserträger Fahrradklingel mit dem Stadtwappen von HamburgAnd as a coronation was then still an original bell with the symbol of Hamburg or the "water carrier" of the company "Brinkmann" screwed *. Simply fantastic and heroic are the properties of this on planet probably unique accumulation of high quality rental bicycles (currently over 50 pieces), which is why I have used in naming the models, short hand, from the name repertoire of the Nibelungenliedes. More patriotism is not possible!Fahrradklingel mit dem Stadtwappen von Hamburg

In order to give you and future generations a glimpse of this unique stainless steel blacksmith work 'Made in Germany', I have stored the wheels in liquid nitrogen at a secret location in the Port of Hamburg without any regard for economic considerations and whose power supply is provided by the tapped main line of a reputed power company, probably without the knowledge of the same.

Anyway, I have the wheels for hire; for a ridiculous price including cheap presentation (€ 2, - per bike!). Conditions. And you can request these bicycles to the City tours too!

* Mentioned or pictured brand names as well as brand logos are property of the respective company and serve only the description of the article.