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Desired bike to desired location in and around Hamburg

The other bicycle city tours. Your desired rental bikes are always delivered cheaply.

Hamburg's rental of sustainabel bikes with the largest selection of bicycles for hire

Desired bike to the desired location! Simply reserve by phone, let deliver, drive off! Hamburg's bike rental with discount delivery to everywhere. Generous discounts for multi-day lending!

Here you have the choice:
  • Rent bikes for your height!

  • Choose between lady's and men's bikes!

  • Decide between comfortable or sporty bikes!

The most common questions about bike rental with delivery

How much does a light bike weigh?

Bike rental offers and price examples

City Tours

Without wrong path (bikes are delivered to the start) and discover the highlights of Hamburg calmly: Guided bike tours and tandem tours in Hamburg. Hamburg's sights and highlights, amazing backgrounds, exciting history (s). Included in the price are the at least 4-hour tour, delivery of bikes and refreshments on the way. Sorry, the offer is for complete groups only see prices.

City Tours with sustainable bikes?

My rental bikes are generally hard to beat in terms of longevity and selection of components - the coronation of my bike rental, however, is the fleet of stainless steel bikes which you can book as an alternative to the "common" 7-speed city bikes.

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