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Fahrradverleih mit Lieferung in Hamburg und Umgebung!

Bike rental with delivery in Hamburg and the surrounding area

  • Rent bikes for your height!

  • Choose between women's and men's bikes!

  • Decide on comfortable or sporty bikes!

Hamburg's largest selection of sustainable bicycles for rent:

How it works!

You'll get your bicycle by phone call. After I got your specifications I'll send you a suggestion for the rental bike at your cell phone. So you don't have to annoy yourself with the boring bicycle lists. I need your order at least one day before you really need it. So I have a chance to deliver it in time. The delivery is obligatory. High season is rarly enough time to serve you by email. There's more succes to call me!

*Delivery for € 4,-/bike only?!

The minimum sale for an order is € 53,- within the inner circle of Hamburg. I charge you the bike rental plus € 4,- for each bike for delivery. If your location is farer away the minimum sale rises but remains € 4,- for delivery as long as the number of bikes or length of rental stays in a fair relation to the minimum sale.

Thus, the delivery to anywhere and pick up from anywhere can be pretty cheap. Bicycle rental from Hamburg for the Elbe or North Baltic bike path can also be worthwhile. Just ask me!

There's a lot of charming discount for multi-day rentals.

Bicycle types:

Which bike is the right one?

Amoung more than 300 different bicycles for hire there's a good chance for you to find a fitting one. Make it yourself confortable: To avoid the djungle of annoying bike lists call or text me. I send you an offer and an individual bike suggestion to your cell phone! Data I need. You need a lightweight bicycle? Read this!

Current business hours:

  • Written order acceptance: If possible, I answer on the morning of the following day

  • Telephone order acceptance: Thursdays to Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • Deliveries and events: Currently every day except Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please preorder your bike a couple of days before you really need it. There are usually enough bikes available but if you order too spontaneous there might be a lack of time at the end. Single bikes I deliver already day(s) in advance, larger quantities of bicycles in time of the day of event.

You want an individual offer?! call or text me!